RBP No. 979 – Golden Star Temperance – Castlecaulfield

The first meeting of the Preceptory was held in the Rev. George Walker Orange Hall Castlecaulfield on 30th January 1919 when a number of Sir Knights from different Preceptories were proposed and seconded to become members of the new Preceptory.  A meeting of the new Preceptory was held in the Orange Hall on 25th February 1919 with Sir Knight WJ Bennett presiding and Sir Knight John Bartney in the vice chair.  The first election of officers was held.

The Preceptory was first led on parade by Castlecaulfield Pipe Band on 12th August 1919 to Stewartstown.

In 1926 the preceptory decided to meet in different Orange Halls, alternating between Cullenfad, Donaghmore and Castlecaulfield.  This continued until a decision was taken to make Castlecaulfield the permanent and sole venue for meetings.

The Election of Officers meeting in 1939 resulted in the election of Sir Knight Joe Campbell as W.M, a post he held during World War II.

On 19th March 1954 the Sir Knights of RBP 979 were given the opportunity to purchase the old school in the village.  This was done, at a cost of 575 pounds. Repairs cost a further 519 pounds and fourteen shillings.  On 2nd July 1955 the Sir Knights of RBP 979 met at the new Black Hall and were led in parade by Dungannon Silver Band to the house of Sir Knight M.O. Patterson, where a large number of Officers and Sir Knights of Killyman R.B.D.C. were waiting to join them for a parade of Castlecaulfield to celebrate the opening of the new hall.  The opening ceremony was performed by Lady Strong of Tynan.

In 1987 a number of Sir Knights left the preceptory in order to establish a new Preceptory at Aughintober.

On 13th August 1996 the hall was attacked by the I.R.A.  It was petrol bombed and was almost completely destroyed.  A meeting of the Preceptory was held in the Parish Hall each month for four years until funds were raised to build a new Black Hall.

The banner of Golden Star Temperance R.B.P. No. 979, encamped at Castlecaulfield, was painted by Thomas J. Robinson, Belfast.  It was unfurled on 5th August 1989 by Sir Knight James Molyneaux I.S.G.M.  Rachel Campbell presented scissors to Mrs. M. Patterson, who cut the ribbon.  The banner was dedicated by Canon Livingstone and Worshipful Master at this time was Sir Knight Keith Patterson with Sir Knight Alan Jardine as Deputy Master.

On 23rd June 2001 the opening and dedication service for the new Black Hall took place.  The most Worshipful Sir Knight W.J. Logan, Sovereign Grand Master performed the opening ceremony.  The Preceptory was led by Dungannon Silver Band for a parade of the village and Dungannon Silver Band have led the Preceptory in parades since 1955.  The new Black Hall is now used as a meeting place for the local L.O.L. and branch of the Apprentice Boys, as well as being used by the local unionist community.  The preceptory continues to flourish and meets on the last Friday of every month.