RBP No. 83 – Aughintober Rising Star Temperance

On 17th March 1987 a number of Sir Knights met in Aughintober Orange Hall to discuss the intention of creating a Black Preceptory within Killyman R.B.D.C. Discussions included the costing of a banner.  A senior member of the institution, the late Sir Knight John Watt suggested and it was agreed to use Moses and the Burning Bush for the front and David and Goliath for the reverse side.  The banner was ordered at a cost of £940.  On June 24th 1987 R.B.P. 83 was formed and the banner order was confirmed.  The W.M. Sir Knight Raymond Cuddy and the D.M. Sir Knight Ivan Burrows officiated at the unfurling ceremony at Aughintober Orange Hall on 22nd August 1987.  The A.S.G.M. Rev. R.J. Coulter carried out the dedication and Dungannon Silver Band led the praise.  Sir Knights numbering 120 then paraded from the hall led by Dungannon Silver Band and Ballymacall Flute Band.
Footnote: In the words of the S.G.M. Look at your banner and proclaim your faith.

Aughintober is a townland situated two miles west of Castlecaufield, Dungannon and is the centre of the Protestant community in the area.

The local Orange Lodge, LOL 38, is one of the oldest in Ireland.  In contrast, the Preceptory is one of the youngest, having been formed in 1987.  The majority of the members came on transfer from RBP No. 979 Castlecaufield.  The foundation members were Sir Knight Raymond Cuddy WM, Sir Knight Ivan Burrows DM, Sir Knight John Watt Chaplain, Sir Knight David Cuddy Registrar, Sir Knight Norman Wallace Treasurer, Sir Knight Mervyn Burrows and the late Sir Knight John Burrows.

The first meeting of interested Blackmen took place in the Orange Hall on 17th March 1987 and was chaired by the first WM elect, Sir Knight Raymond Cuddy. A number of issues were discussed, one being the formation of a new preceptory.

As enquiries continued it was discovered that the original warrant for RBP No. 83 (being the opposite of LOL 38) was granted on 27th October 1857 to a Black Preceptory encamped at Clifton Street, Belfast under Belfast District No. 2. Eventually the warrant was re-issued under the auspices of Killyman No. 1 District to Aughintober Rising Star Temperance.  The new warrant was issued by the Imperial Grand Black Chapter on 20th June 1987.  The inaugural meeting was on 24th June 1987 when the warrant was passed to the first WM, Sir Knight Raymond Cuddy.  The
preceptory is the youngest in County Tyrone. Membership rose quickly to around forty, a number roughly equal to the current total.

On 17th March 1988 the preceptory held their first installation of officers and the first installment dinner.  It was held in the HA Cuisine Room at the Headquarters of the Imperial Grand Black Chapter, Brownlow House, where the members and their families were treated to a guided tour of the historic building.  A carol service has been organised for Sunday 2nd December 2007.