RBP No. 77 – The Hanover – Derryoghill

The warrant for RBP No.77 was granted on 27th November 1849 to Sir Knight William Nassau Dawson, Bovain by Killyman Royal Black Chapter.  In its early years it was known as a travelling warrant meeting in either Bovain or Moy. Unfortunately the earliest minutes available relate to the 1880s when a David Harpar was WM (probably of Gorestown Moy) and a Francis Tweedy DM.  Also on the register at this period was a Captain E. Bond of the Argory.

During the period of the First World War, RBP No.77 went into decline, and Sir Knight John Dilly Perry of Derryoghill sought and got permission to bring it to Derryoghill.  Initially he ran it at his own expense but, as the expenses became unbearable, he put it to a meeting of the Orange brethren in Derryoghill that he needed candidates for RBP No. 77 and failing that he would have to hand the warrant in.

In response, twenty-two brethren put their names forward and so RBP No.77 became domiciled in Derryoghill, it may have been at this time that the prefix Hanover was added to the title.

A new banner was unfurled on Saturday 16 August 1958 in Moy. The present banner was unfurled on Friday 18th August 1989 in Moy. The banner of Hanover R.B.P. No 77, Derryoghill was painted by John Jordan of Cookstown.  W.M. at the time of the unfurling was the late Sir Knight George McKenzie and the unfurling ceremony was carried out by the late Henrietta McKenzie, wife of the W.M. Dedication of the banner was performed by Sir Knight William Forsythe. The banner depicts Moses leading the children of Israel across the Red Sea and is backed by David taking the stones from the bottom of the brook.

The Hall where RBP No.77 meet was an old school house and was bought for £40 on 12th December 1906 by the local Orange Lodge LOL No. 3

Since coming to Derryoghill W. Masters are as follows:-

  • Sir Knight John Dilly Perry
  • Sir Knight Thomas Wylie
  • Sir Knight James G McKenzie
  • Sir Knight Robert E Greenaway
  • Sir Knight Arthur Wilson
  • Sir Knight Samuel James McKenzie
  • Sir Knight William J Emerson
  • Sir Knight R George McKenzie
  • Sir Knight Ernest Donnelly
  • Sir Knight Hans E Weir
  • Sir Knight Iain McFarland
  • Sir Knight S J McKenzie.