RBP No. 426 – Drummond Faith Defenders

RBP 426 take their name of Drummond Faith Defenders from the town land in which they meet. Drummond is about two miles west of the village of Moy. Their warrant was issued in 1878 and at that time they met in a building a few hundred yards from Drummond crossroads.

In 1883 some land was purchased at the crossroads and Drummond Orange Hall was built and opened in 1884. This is the hall in which the Preceptory continues to meet. Early records show that in the 1920’s members met on Wednesday evenings, about once every three months (including 12th August to celebrate the Relief of Derry). At that time annual dues were 8/-.  Today the Preceptory meets monthly on the first Tuesday.

In the early 1950’s several members joined on the understanding that they wanted to start a new Preceptory in Boland.  On 20th December 1951 a new preceptory, RBP 641, met for the first time and on 20th August 1952 they unfurled their new banner.

Drummond’s most famous member was Sir Knight Thomas Dobson (1885 – 1960). Although he worked in Belfast running Dobson’s Dairies on the Castlereagh Road he never forgot his roots.  Money gifted by him was put towards the purchase of what is now known as Dobson Park.

The banner of R.B.P No.426 was unfurled on Tuesday 4th July 1995 by Mrs. Lorna Nelson, wife of the Worshipful Master, Sir Knight Raymond Nelson.  The District Master, Sir Knight Derek Marshall presided and the address was delivered by Sir Knight Rev. David Murphy.  Bobby Anderson from Coleraine started the painting of the banner, but unfortunately he died before he could finish it. It was completed by his son. The paintings on the banner are Jesus walking on the water with a sinking Peter walking towards Him and Daniel in the den of lions.

The Preceptory and Orange Lodge are very fortunate to have a band associated with the hall.  Originally a flute band known as Knox No Surrender, it became a pipe band and on VE day 1945 the William Kerr Memorial Drummond went out for the first time.  At present the band has entered the contest arena and some members have also entered the solo competitions for drumming, piping and drum major. The Preceptory is proud that the band accompany them to the last Saturday Demonstration.