RBP No. 1113 – Ulster Red Cross – Ballynakelly

Situated in the parish of Brackaville the townland of Ballynakelly or Ballynakilly as it appears on D.O.E. papers has had at least five different spellings over the past 300 years.  In the original plantation papers, when the area was given to Sir Robert Hepburn, it was referred to as Ballinakelly.

On the 18th December 1922 a new Warrant was issued to Ulster Red Cross Knights R.B.P. No. 1113. The foundation members were:-

  • Sir Knight Richard Stewart
  • Sir Knight Robert Stewart
  • Sir Knight Anthony Frizelle
  • Sir Knight John McClung
  • Sir Knight Alexander Field
  • Sir Knight Thomas McKay
  • Sir Knight Thomas Newell
  • Sir Knight Robert J Cardwell
  • Sir Knight Thomas McNewell
  • Sir Knight Joseph Archer
  • Sir Knight Hugh Hamilton
  • Sir Knight  Samuel Dilworth
  • Sir Knight William Dilworth
  • Sir Knight Joseph Orr
  • Sir Knight Walter Orr
  • Sir Knight Joseph Newell
  • Sir Knight Robert Carroll
  • Sir Knight William J. Cardwell
  • Sir Knight Ezekiel Cardwell
  • Sir Knight John Dilworth.

During the life of the Preceptory a number of banners have been unfurled, the original banner depicting Moses at the Red Sea and the third shows the Red Cross with the Preceptory title.  The late Sir Knight Sydney Orr was Wm at the 2nd unfurling and Sir Knight Gavin Little was WM for the most recent banner unfurled on Friday 5th August 1994 by Mrs. A. Little, the mother of the Worshipful Master.  The banner was painted by Strain of Omagh and dedicated by Rev. Hugh Ross, Newmills. DM at the time was Sir Knight Curtis Stewart.