RBP No. 1052 – Moygashel

Two Sir Knights, namely Bob Byres and Thomas Black were on their way to a meeting of RBP No. 35 in Killyman when they were caught in a downpour.  While sheltering from the rain, they decided to try and obtain a warrant to start a Preceptory in Moygashel and, despite being soaked to the skin, the pair cycled to Killyman and put the suggestion to the members of RBP 35.  Sir Knights in Killyman agreed and proceeded to set up RBP 1052.

The first meeting was held in Moygashel on 11th July 1921.  Sir Knight RD Greeves WDM occupied the chair with Sir Knight James Davis in the Vice Chair. The Preceptory began with 35 members.  Dues were 1/= per month.  A dance was held on 12th August with visitors paying 2/6, the proceeds to put new shutters on the window of the Orange Hall.

On 27th December 1922 it was decided to order a banner from Wm Bridgett and Sons.  Colours were crimson with black fringes and one side depicted Adam and Eve and the other Joseph made Chief Ruler.

On 9th August 1923, the new banner was unfurled by Captain Barcroft’s wife at her home in Stangmore Lodge.  The second banner was unfurled Saturday 25th August 1960 at the Church of Ireland Hall and was used until 15th June 1996.

A new banner of Moygashel R.B.P. No. 1052 was unfurled on 15th June 1996 in Moygashel Church Hall (now St. Elizabeth’s Church).  The unfurling ceremony was performed by Rt. Wor. Sir Knight Alan Rainey and the banner was dedicated by Canon D. Swann.  Officers of the Preceptory at the time were: W.M. Sir Knight Ashley Rutherford, D.M. Sir Knight Andrew Smyth, Chaplain Sir Knight Simon Dilworth, Registrar the late Sir Knight William Malcolmson, Treasurer Sir Knight Alan Belshaw.