RBP No. 35 – Killyman Shield of Faith

RBP No. 35 is the second oldest Preceptory within Killyman District Chapter.  The warrant was taken out in 1847 and had the title of Royal Black Lodge of Killyman.  It wasn’t until 1924 that the title Killyman Shield of Faith was adopted.

From 1924 until 2010there have been only four WMs, namely Sir Knights Thomas Fowler, John Jenkinson, George Annesley, Kenneth Montgomery. When the District Chapter was formed in 1866, its first meeting was held in the home of Sir Knight William Aiken of RBP No. 35.

Over the years, members of the Preceptory have been prominent in the District Chapter.  In particular, the late Sir Knight John Jenkinson was DDM from 1961-1974.  Other officers were Sir Knights David Frizelle District Registrar, Samuel Courtenay District Treasurer, John Richardson District Lecturer and the late Sir Knight George Annesley, who held various offices between 1937 and his death in 1995.

Many other preceptories in Killyman District Chapter have their origins within RBP No. 35.  These include RBP No. 511, No. 1052 and No. 1113.

The banner for R.B.P. No 35 was painted by Mr. John Jordan of Tullywigan, Cookstown.  The front of the banner represents the Second Coming of Christ and is depicted by an Angel holding the Lamb’s Book of Life.  The reverse side depicts Paul declaring his faith and wonderful conversion in the face of the Roman King Agrippa. It was unfurled on Friday 8th August 1997 to commemorate the preceptory’s 150th birthday.  The unfurling ceremony was carried out by Mrs. Florence Montgomery., the mother of the present W.M. Sir Knight Kenneth Montgomery in front of St. Andrew’s Parish Church, Killyman.